Fatigue, Frustration, Complacency and Rushing. What does that mean?

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Blog Posts
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The other day, as I fell on a slippery surface. I was humiliated at first, was I a safety person infallible as any other person? Absolutely.  No matter who you are in your organization, an incident can happen and realizing that one of the four factors above were prevalent in the incident may come as a shock. At what point do you cross the line between “believing in safety” and “walking the talk”..Safety Within is a forum in which to discuss these thoughts..

Upon further speculation of the incident and discussions, we agreed that those four factors contributed to the incident. As a result, I took the leadership role and started talking about it. How I simply forgot my core values, briefly and as a result, I became an incident statistic. Luckily only bruising my ribs and my pride, I decided it was time to put pride aside and share the disease known as fatigue, frustration, rushing and complacency..eager to get back on track. My core values restored. What an epiphany!


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