Posted: May 9, 2013 in Blog Posts

WorkSafe BC Planning Guide

Just a reminder this week is NAOSH 2013. Check out your local events through your Safety Associations, Corporate Calendars and Public Communities.

There still continues to be incidents across the world that consistently remind us for the need to ask the question, “Are You as Safe as You Think?”

Is it because we are still trying to see “safety” as a separate entity or is there still more lessons to learn? How many lessons do we need to grasp the concept that being safe is part of who you are and to do that you need to learn from the past?

Today, as I drove through the city, I noticed a small act that had big consequences. Imagine being blind and with all the safety devices available (seeing eye dogs, walking canes, traffic lights that indicate noises that it is safe to cross) encountering a barrier that you can’t see. We take things for granted when we have our sight to make observations of hazards or changes to our environment. The simple act I saw, was an elderly person assisting a sight impaired person across a busy intersection that had barricades diverting vehicle traffic. Do we anticipate these things when planning our work? Such a simple gesture touched my heart.

Take a moment this week to reflect on those simple tasks as we usually plan for hazard control on the complicated situations. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes. Now go out and teach what you know to someone else.

I recall a few years back asking a classroom to close their eyes and imagine being 5 or 6 yrs old and working inside a chimney or mine, or dash under a weaver’s loom during the Industrial Revolution before Working Conditions and Age of Workers were addressed by the Factory Safety Act. These children were asked to perform tasks we would not think of exposing our children to today. As I said that day, do they know what the hazards are? Do they know what questions to ask? They are children counting on adults to guide them and they are performing without the skills/knowledge needed.The gift of knowledge can open your eyes to many things.

I challenge everyone to do their part to keep our world safe.


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